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Money Manifestation Bootcamp – 2 Weeks to more $$$


Money Manifestation Bootcamp – 2 Weeks to more $$…

  • Learn my 3 simple actions steps to manifest more money in 2 weeks…
  • I guarantee you’ll line up and send 10 times what you put in to get these tools for life.
  • You are still one decision away from experiencing all that is better than your current reality…This time CAN really be different…

Join me on February 20th to March 5th 2023.

All your manifestations are being created by you & through you…

In fact, who YOU ARE is what’s emanating from the reality that you see all around you.

Your SELF Concept is, by far, the most important aspect of manifesting.

✧ How you see yourself…

✧ Who you believe you are…

✧ And what you believe you will have or even could have …

WILL DETERMINE the results you create in your life.

By learning to mold and shape your SELF – your inner world – who you believe you are… You will finally hold the KEYS to masterful manifesting and will have the power to design the life you desire. That’s what this Bootcamp will teach you to do.

Let me ask you this….

What does your financial situation look like, right now?

  • Do you know anyone around who is balanced or even doing so well with money even without doing that much, I mean things seems to just land?
  • Do you know others who struggled a lot to have just enough to get by? I mean hustling, chasing, hunting …?
  • Are they the same? Are you living these conditions, yourself?

Knowing this & having lived them led me to set out & learn all I can, to create a 3 steps signature system to align with money instantly, no matter where you are; and I help people easily double their incomes working half the time…Thanks to my parents.

This is for you if:

  • You are wondering why you struggle to make, receive or have & keep more money?
  • You’re done reinventing the wheel and you want someone to tell you what works and what doesn’t – for real.
  • You want to discover what is keeping you stuck so you can get unstuck
  • You’re ready to finally get this money manifestation handled so you can allow your money flow
  • You’re ready to feel absolutely amazing about who you are… to really OWN your worth, beauty and value.
  • You’re ready to feel confident that what you want is meant for you.

Intention – Help you uncover…

  1. Your money mindset & money story.
  2. Your money mirror: Meaning behind your financial situation: ​Boundaries –  Courage – Deservability – Love​
  3. Share few ideas you can put in place to turn your finances around…
  4. Provide you with tools and my 3 simple steps strategies to open & keep your money flow.

WHY?  Because Useful Information => Lasting Transformation….

Let me ask you this ….

  • How many people know what to do, but don’t always do it?
  • That’s because knowing isn’t enough. It’s not what motivated us to action.

The 3 Key Ingredients

  • The Right System • The Right Support • The Right Accountability

What you Need To Make This Time Different is Someone to encourage your progress … Monitor your choices when challenged and guide you into bulding a lasting foundation…

Money Manifestation Bootcamp – 2 Weeks to more $$

  • I guarantee you will align & receive 10X what you’ve invested to get those lifetime tools
  • You will align with money and call more of it in whenever you want. This time really CAN be different…
  • What makes this program unique is that we focus on what you GET to have, rather than what you don’t.

How You Will Benefit

  • Gain clarity on exactly what you want, why it’s important and prioritization
  • Identify challenges getting in the way of money flowing to you
  • Learn to overcome challenges with ease and support
  • Uncover your own personal strategy plan
  • Discover actions to take to move you into alignment, and receive money
  • Receive tools, and tactics to keep for life and call-in money whenever you want

What You Will Get:

  • 3 – Zoom group Coaching @ 90 minutes each
  • Includes Goal Setting & Money Manifestation Strategy session
  • In session exercises & activities to align with money
  • Total support & accountability to keep you on track towards reaching your money goals & vision
  • Personalized plan for next steps to move forward in life Investment Today = $199* for 48 hours (originally $299) SAVE $100 – Goes up to normal price 299$ after February 15th 2023….

BONUS** for those joining today, receive complimentary 60-minute private coaching session with me to use within 7 days (VALUE = $150) – Join today for total savings of $250 in value!

Limited to 10 Seats only….

Frequently Asked Questions ….

  1. How long do I get to wait to receive the link accessing the masterclass?

A: You will receive a link to attend the masterclass upon signing up!

  1. Are there refunds?

A: There are no refunds. Please make sure you desire this material before purchasing.

  1. Is there a payment plan?

A: No payment plan.

  1. Who can I contact if I have an issue with purchasing (or if I want to pay with PayPal)?

            A: cecile@cklifetransformationcoaching.com – Cecile’s customer service team is there to help you with anything you need!

See you there …

Become YOUR BEST SELF is an intensive & transformational experience, which will help you change your whole life forever.

By connecting deeply to the vision of your desires and moving from there, you will be learning how to breakup with fears, doubts, worries that are getting on your way, and direct your imagination using the tools shared in this course to live from the state of your wishes fulfilled from day one; to cultivate clarity and focus to what's important, create great life experiences, play for yourself & loved ones, filled with adventures, fun and pleasure while growing and expanding at the same time.

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