Financial Abundance MasterCLASS

This class breaksdown the exact clarity, tools and strategies you require.

Are you ready?

If you are looking to make an impact in your life, this masterclass is for you.

What you can expect from this masterclass:

1.    Clarity: Understand what’s going on with your current relationship with money,  and discover what’s been getting in the way of your money flowing.

2.    Steps: Learn four simple steps and processes to align with your abundance and let it flow on demand consistently.

3.   Tools:  Lifetime tools to use, so you can transform your relationship with money for good.

4.    Strategy: Simple strategy game to focus your mind on becoming financially independence.

A little bit about me 

I have been helping Entrepreneurs & Professionals create wealth, instead of chasing, hunting, or pushing. I help you get into the space where everything flows effortlessly!

See what my clients
have to say:

Just had my first session with Coach Cecile and I have to say it is very valuable. I will carry on what I have learned about my goals with clarity and will follow up and take accountability for these new mined crystals of insights. I know Cecile from 2015; her meetings always lifted my spirit up and provide me with guidance and kind, wise affirmations. - Ali A.

I first met Cecile in a company where we worked together. Cecile was an accountant and reported to me. I had already appreciated her commitment and the quality of her work. Cecile has very nice human qualities and is willing to work. I was not surprised that she started life coaching. Later on, I went through a difficult period and I called upon her services as a life coach. She did me a lot of good and I was able to overcome the difficulty I was facing with her help. She listens and gets to the bottom of things. I liked her approach that gently forces open-mindedness and heart and her positivist spirit makes her a life coach that I recommend without hesitation. - Benoit T.

Thanks Cecile for working with me on rewiring my beliefs about money and energy and most of all for being so generous with your time. I am a living proof that your program works. - Ralph F.

Exceptional coach, human and focused on results! Beautiful soul with a big heart. I highly recommend Cécile! - Stéphane K. 


Virtual Masterclass

This masterclass will be held On August 27th, 2022 from 11AM - 12PM

Should you have any questions please contact me.

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